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LJ Hooker and Sustainability

One of our 2015 goals is to build a rich and sustainable future, together. Therefore LJ Hooker embraces it's environmental responsibility as an essential part of our business operations and our customer service. As an industry leader, LJ Hooker is committed to the implementation of innovative, sustainable practices across the company, through the participation of our corporate staff, our partners and our franchise offices across Australia and New Zealand.
At our corporate sites and our network of offices sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand.

Our Head office

Recent data shows buildings contribute up to 40% of global greenhouse gas emissions. We are doing our part in reducing the impact that property has on the environment and our communities.


LJ Hooker’s Corporate head office is working closely with the City of Sydney to develop an Energy Action Plan to reduce our long term energy use as part of City of Sydney’s CitySwitch program, Australia’s leading tenant energy efficiency program. We have already achieved a17% reduction in energy use surpassing our 5% target and introduced the LJ Hooker bike share scheme for our staff. 


LJ Hooker is a member of Sustainable Business Australia. SBA is a business think tank and advocacy group of companies committed to sustainable practices.

Our Operations Centers in Australia and New Zealand
In all of our corporate offices across Australia and New Zealand, our sustainability programs have already achieved the following results:  
100% recycled paper for office printing 
Comprehensive recycling program 
Monitoring and reporting on power, paper, petrol and carbon emissions 
Our entire company car fleet has been moved to Toyota hybrids
Your local LJ Hooker Office
To assist our 700+ franchise offices identify and achieve their own sustainability objectives, we have created an industry-first sustainable office initiative called The 3Ps Program. Launched in January 2012, the 3Ps was piloted with some of our top performing offices in order to develop a program that aligns with our existing operational imperatives. By reducing the usage of the 3Ps, Power, Paper, Petrol an office not only reduces its overheads but also lessens its impact on the environment and its community. 
Click here to find out more about our 3Ps Program
Seeing it all add up
Each of our offices in Australia and New Zealand can use the 3Ps dashboard, powered by CarbonSystems our preferred technology partner for the 3Ps Program, to monitor and manage power, paper and petrol usage. Our customised 3Ps dashboard has also been installed at all corporate offices so that LJ Hooker can quantify our carbon emissions on a national level.


Founded by the LJ Hooker Sustainability team and supported by a group of top knowledge, council and community partners, Liveability is focused on supporting you to create your best home – healthy, efficient, comfortable and connected to community.


We are grateful for the support of the following organisations in the development of this site: Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Bond University School of Sustainable Development, Australian Institute of Architects, Master Builders Green Living, Australian Association of Sustainable Building Assessors, Alternative Technology Association, Clean Energy Council, Smart Blocks, WeTeachMe, Building Designers Australia, The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domains Trust and the Green Development Forum.


Together we are committed to providing the very best information to help you reduce your running costs and your impact on the environment without sacrificing your lifestyle.


Liveability is an initiative that supports people to live the life they want, sustainably. Providing the very best information to help them make sense of sustainability and their home.

Buying or Selling homes with Liveability Property Features

For more information ljhooker.com.au/liveability


We have worked collaboratively with our partners and identified The 17 Things™ which are property marketing features which offer the potential for reduced running costs and increased comfort if used correctly by the occupant.


The 17 Things™  cover:


  • Location
  • Floor Plan and Layout
  • Key Building Structure Elements
  • Important Energy Saving Inclusions
  • Important Water Saving Inclusions
  • Energy Rating


We have trained Liveability Real Estate Specialists who are able to appraise and list a property with these features to assist you in buying, selling or renting your home.


Click here to contact a Liveability Real Estate specialist. We are now working to share this training with the whole real estate industry.